Keeping Your Company Online

IT functions are critical for your thriving, on-the-go business to remain ongoing. And we provide multiple solutions that maximize up-time.

Whether it’s problem solving technical glitches, upgrading systems for higher efficiency or recovering from an event beyond your control, we insure your business continues as usual.

Offsite Data Recovery

Our offsite, data backup storage center protects you when a disaster strikes your business location.

It provides peace of mind that your information is automatically protected and available when needed.

High-Availability Instant Recovery

When waiting is not an option, a real-time, virtual recovery solution is the answer. With this safeguard, you may not even know a disaster occurred because your built-in, virtual infrastructure keeps things running while our disaster recovery protocol rebuilds.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our disaster recovery services take a proactive, comprehensive approach in protecting your entire IT architecture and data. It makes sure your business continues to operate efficiently even during unexpected, disruptive events.

These services include:

  • Window of leverage for cloud-computing security
  • 100% availability for backups during hardware malfunction
  • Circumvention of traditional backup architecture
  • Affordable data storage and protection
  • Business continuity plan development
  • Data lifecycle management supplementation